Next MAKE Challenge?

In the 2023 Spring Symposium, challenge papers describing future societal, environmental, economic, or scientific challenges that require hybrid AI and provided datasets or ontologies were presented. In a follow-up event, solutions to these challenges shall be presented.

Challenge Pre-Registration

Following this, we invite you to pre-register for the challenge so that you can receive the necessary information early. We would also appreciate your suggestions for the venue and the event (symposium, workshop at another conference, etc.).

    A next MAKE?

    Furthermore, what do you think about a follow-up edition of MAKE? Should there be a next symposium next spring? If so, on which sub-theme?

    By filling out the following form, you would give us the motivation to organize another MAKE event—be guided by the following questions:

    • On which occasion (Spring/Fall/Summer AAAI Symposium, conference workshop, etc.) should there be a MAKE event, and at which venue?
    • What could be the next (sub-)theme in addition to MAKE?
    • Should there be another publication organ, such as a journal or a special issue?